Garden Update

Oh, how spring has sprung. We finished putting our miniature garden in this afternoon. It was jolly fun and the sun was really shining. I'm using the "square foot gardening" mentality to maximize space. Things are going to be bursting all over the place in a couple of months since I'm planting everything so close together, but hey, I can handle it!

In the front (opposite the fence) we have a row of radishes ready to pluck, 2 rows of spinach (at the baby stage right now), some parsley and kale tucked in, about 20 tomato plants (we need to buy more tomato cages), 9 bell pepper plants, and an eggplant, a pile of green bean seeds, and a row of cucumbers along the fence line that we hope to trellis up up up. 'Tis a lot in that little space! We planted some zucchini seeds in the landscaped garden of perennials. There were a few bare spots. I decided to keep them out of the garden since they get so huge.
We also had our first harvest today. We enjoyed a mix of baby spinach, young kale leaves, radish greens, and parsley with our supper. Delicious.
We went a little nuts-o with the peas, they are everywhere - in a few pots, a window box, and a bare spot in our lawn. The seeds were plentiful. I caught FGH nibbling some of the leaves today. The birds like to nibble on them, too.
We have plenty of seedlings left on the picnic table next to a lineup of bonsai that Peter has been training (there are many more not pictured) :)
Ice cream cone!
Our yard is bursting with green already. Lovin' it.