Forest City Stockade

We visited the Forest City Stockade last weekend. The above picture is my favorite spot, the homemade ice cream station. So delicious. Peter and I worked at the Stockade a few times when we were farming - we made the fry bread - and it was super fun and we miss it! Hopefully we can get back to volunteering when our lives settle a bit. (Will that ever happen?)

It was a fun (hot) day with a chance to chat with potters and the like. That's Tom on the wheel from the Clay Coyote. There were people making candles, soap, honey, newspaper prints, buffalo burgers, fresh apple pressed apple cider...you know, the pioneer way.
FGH and Madi had fun. They got to try out some antique desks and slates in the schoolhouse - and play games outside with the "teachers." Very adorable.

The trip to the stockade made us feel pretty darned excited about getting back into rural life. Peter is of the opinion that we move into something like this. I'm more of the opinion of something like this hobbit of a place. We've also been thinking that we will most likely be modifying an existing structure. We aren't exactly in the position to be building right now, but I think it will take a good few years to research how to build, anyway, so waiting is fine. Whatever the case, I'm now pretty keen on the idea of having a huge garden with a wooden Peter Rabbit type fence around it!


Quickie Vacation

We headed north (and east) for a quickie vacation with my folks and sister this week. I brought a little work with but really I just took a few days to play. I would say relax, but it's more like constant activity with a toddler - which is fun, of course! We took in a bit of a ski show which was really exciting, did some hiking at above favorite spot, ate lots of sweet corn, fished off the dock (at least one of us), swam...you know, the whole nine yards of cabin fun.

I brought with The Handmade Marketplace, a book I have been hemming and hawing about for a few months and finally ordered last week. I'm about halfway through and I indeed have jotted down a pile of notes and tips in my work journal. The chapters are short and to the point, which makes it a nice little reference book. I would recommend it to crafters starting out. I feel like I have a bit of a grasp on most of the topics from our farming business, but there are so many more things to learn and the tips from other crafters throughout the book are very motivating.

Our itty bitty vacation ended quickly and I found myself in my little oven of a house all too soon. And wow, so many emails in just 2.5 days! I found myself in two new treasuries which is always flattering. First a nautical theme featuring my leather and hemp fiber journal and then a blue theme featuring a hand painted book of mine. Fun, fun.

I also somehow managed to make and send off these two wedding albums this week. The first is a 7"x9" plum and lime album with a long stitch binding and blank deckled edge pages. The second is one of my Custom Wedding Books complete with lined pages, pages for bridal showers, family trees, etc. It's a pretty yellow and (slightly off-white) white color scheme. I love making wedding books. Finding the right colors is a treasure hunt and I love when it forces me to order more paper because I always end up with new ideas and new textures.

I guess it is HUGE news that we found out this week that we are officially moving back to the country in 12 months. Ze husband landed a job in New Ulm, so after one more year of law school we will be buying some chickens and a riding lawnmower and everything else that we need that isn't in storage. Phew. We are considering building a house, a small "green" house. Any recommendations for books to read on this topic? "The Not So Big House" looks interesting. There seem to be quite a few directions to go with it. Where to start with such a project???

"Tee Hee," says he with the fishing stick.