Good Gravy

Every time I open up my computer I stare at my blog, and if I have to look at that photo of Santa for another week I think I might go crazy. Is that a good enough reason to type a paragraph or two? No. But here goes. Out with 2010 already.

January is the new year and my birthday month, so even when I try to belittle the marker of the changing calendar year and be somewhat against the notion of making resolutions I still seem to always have a bit of a reflective and planning-ahead-for-the-future type of month.

I had an exciting and prosperous year with Swirling Tree. I created a lot of work and I don't have much left in my inventory. I had some good shows in the summer, fall, and winter, including an impromptu little event in the Mpls skyway in December which was a lot of fun.

Etsy was busy and I'm thankful for all of my customers.

Good stuff.

I'm taking a little breather now, mostly since I don't really have the time and energy to work. I am playing around with some new (non-book form) work and I'm trying out some other techniques but my stress level has gone down to about a zero so I would have to say I'm not super motivated. I'm spending more time cleaning the house and trying to reorganize all of our stuff. Where did all come from? This house is so small!

Above that we're house hunting and I'm toying with some farm-type endeavors for after we move back to rural America. I'm planning on attending the MOSES conference in February, a great place for farmer types to learn new things and congregate. More on the farm ideas later. They aren't even quite half-baked yet, more like an eighth baked.

House hunting is miserable. I'm guessing many more listings will be coming about as we near spring, but if anyone has a 10 acre or so parcel of land with a decent home on it let me know!