Clay Coyote Open House

Clay Coyote Openhouse! This Weekend! July 24 (10-6) and July 25 (12-5)! Be There!

I will be peddling my wares this weekend at the Clay Coyote, located just outside my old stomping grounds in Hutchinson, MN. I have been diligently working in my studio trying to boost my inventory and I have managed to create about 100 new books for this sale! I will also have my prints for sale.

I'm really excited to spend the weekend at the Clay Coyote. While farming I spent the winters working in their pottery studio - wedging clay, loading kilns, and mixing glazes. They have FABULOUS pottery and a wonderful gallery full of fine American craft. The Clay Coyote has become a bit of a cultural mecca for the Hutchinson area and I feel very privileged to be part of their open house.

That said, hope to see some Swirling Tree fans there as well! Here's a link for those who need directions.