Newness from the Studio

Even with longs walks in sudden fall temps I have managed to finish a few books (such a satisfying moment when I stick that Swirling Tree sticker on the last page of the book as the final step). I know I need to start busting into production mode in my overly crowded studio, but this weather is just way to conducive to feelings of leisure.

SPEAKING of fall...
This wonderful autumnal wedding album set was recently commissioned from an etsy shopper and is about to head to the post office. The bride-to-be had some really clever ideas for a large photo album for herself and her soon-to-be husband, plus three smaller albums for the parents. The tree on the front is part of her wedding logo.

The large 10"x12" album is covered in Amate bark paper, rust red book cloth, and has 64 pages in fall colors.
The image on the front has been converted to a duotone (using two shades of brown) and printed on art paper, then nestled into a "window" on the front cover with some dark brown nepalese lokta paper as accent. There is a paper CD holder inside the back cover and the bride and groom's wedding date has been attached to the back cover. The three smaller albums are 6"x8". They have the same tree image, fall colored pages (the pages themselves remind me of leaves), the date on the back, and the CD envelope. They differ by the book cloth and inside covers, one each of gold, green, and rust.

LOVELY, LOVELY. This project has convinced me to make more 10" x 12" albums for my shop and shows and self. Golly I have a lot of photos that need a home. We're talking thousands.

So, another new thing in my studio are my Green Journals.
Inspiration struck a few weeks ago when I saw this:
and right away I knew, with my love for shades of green, that I would need to make journals of these fabrics. So, I bought the Robert Kaufman bundle of greens, made a large pile of bookcloth while watching Jaws (surprisingly still great after all of these years) and proceeded to make the cloth into little 4x6 125 paged hardcover journals bound with hemp twine. I decided to sell the books in sets of three to stick with the shades of coordinating greens theme. I designed a tag, bundled them up, and there you have it. They are not just the color green, but made of recyled materials and the natural undyed hemp thread. They turned out just as I hoped. There is at least one set in my shop with a big stack to be added soon.